The JURY of the 6th IASFF after watching carefully, evaluated all 52 short films participating in this year’s festival. All participating films were distinguished for their high production level as well as for the perfect technical specifications, extracting exceptional comments from both the jury and the audience.

Best International Film

Anna, by Dekel Berenson, United Kingdom 2019

It is a film that depicts post-war economic and social consequences in Ukraine at Eastern Europe, especially on women’s difficulties in everyday life. Poverty, corruption, single mother families, loneliness, sexism and women’s exploitation from men are the topics in the film, while the main character Anna tries to keep her family dignity and to move forward looking for a change with her daughter. The film has an excellent direction, fascinating photography and filming, and even if it tells a sad story it uses efficient humour that resembles Aki Kaurismaki.  While the film lasts only 15 minutes, it gives viewers the impression of a completed feature film.

Best Greek Film

Balsamon, by Efi Sialevri, Greece 2019

It is a film with a very interesting title that arouses the viewer’s interest in watching it. It is known how healthy is the “balsamon” of music in the deepest manifestations for human beings such a long years, in all cultures. The strong point of the film is that it manages to entice the viewer into a beautiful world, full of hope and optimism. Life has ups and downs, as a Greek song tells, and may be the art and the music is the solution. A young couple sets up a beautiful home on a Greek island, sets aside difficulties and stress because he has nature and art as a guide in his life. Bright scenery, sunny landscapes, young heroes are full of dreams, hopes and music. The “balm” could be characterized as an extremely excellent artistic representation of a reality which gives aesthetic pleasure to everyone.

Special Mention

The Quiet, by Radheya Jegatheva, Australia 2019

Many strong images and sounds cause imaginative effects but also will scare someone because of the realistic view of the soul. A soul that trembles for the future trembles to look inside itself, insisting on silence. What is the relationship between the silence and the quiet? What is the quiet indeed? What is the inner search? What is happiness? Is it hiding in the stars? Does happiness depend on childhood, money or fame? So, quiet or noise? A dramatic narrative in a masterful animation that fascinates.

Audience Award

Sticker, by Georgi M. Unkovski, Notrth MAcedonia 2019

After an unsuccessful attempt to renew his car registration, Dejan falls in a bureaucratic trap that tests his determination to be a responsible father.